Renewable Electricity Provider

SekouEnergy is a renewable electricity provider.  We use the MECREGEN Generator to supply electricity to commercial, educational, and government markets.  We use on-sites, microgrids, and grid configurations.

SekouEnergy is part of a group of companies designed to bring MECREGEN Energy to different markets.

  • Sekou Industries – Manufacturing the of the MECREGEN Engines and MECREGEN Generators. It is sales the MECREGEN Engine to the automotive market and equipment markets. It sells the MECREGEN Generator only to the residential markets.
  • SekouEnergy – sales Renewable Electricity from MECREGEN Generator to the commercial and government markets.
  • Sekou Motion – sales Renewable Transportation vehicles using the MECREGEN Engines in the truck market except for semi-trucks, Trenton Trucks. It is the only company that can use that truck.
  • BlackEnergy Trucking is a shipping company. It uses Trenton Trucks manufactured by Sekou Motion.


Our mission is to bring renewable electricity to the world.  This is powered by the MECREGEN Generator.


Our vision is the greening of the world, one vision at a time. We are providing Renewable Electricity.