The Idea for this mechanical system came from the question,” Can magnets move a crankshaft?”.  This mechanical system is based on the combustion engine without fuel, combustion, and exhaust systems.  The mechanical system uses magnetic forces, repelling each other to turn the crankshaft.  The crankshaft turns a generator that produces electricity. 


The mechanical system took over 10 years of one man to complete the research.  The development has changed the understanding of physic.  It produced the first mechanical self-renewable energy conversion system, called MECERGEN.  The MECERGEN is be used to produce Renewable Transportation or Renewable Electricity.


The MECREGEN Generator is a colimitation of the years of development.  The patented systems produce mechanical renewable energy systems.  That system is configured to produce renewable transportation or renewable electricity.  The generator produces various amounts of electricity depending on its size, from 20kW to over 200MW.  It is the World’s first self-renewable electricity system.

  • Self-Renewable
  • Unlimited duration
  • Zero Emissions
  • Low Operating Cost